Sticky Fingers Baking Company


2016 E. Main St. * Ventura CA  93001 * 805-628-3444 *

  A well-timed surgical strike was required for Sticky’s, as the days I was blowing through town for an arts festival coincided with their off hours. AND they also close when they run out of  goodies, which happens A LOT.

  Sticky Fingers is a small bakery, local hub, and life work of Katherine & Marty Glassman, who claim, ” True happiness can only be achieved by eating delicious, baked goods.” Hands-down no argument there.

In order to reach them while they were open and not depleted by the hungry happy hordes, I had to sneak over during Saturday lunch time while I was making a chalk mural at the Ventura Arts Festival. Cue a chalky filthy mess barging in the door, waving a camera around and babbling about pie. Katherine was fearless and friendly, posing for photos and hopefully not annoyed that I got bored with face-front smiley poses and instead chose her for my baker’s profile glamour shot:


  Okay she was not wearing earrings, but I had to add the chain of hand pies since I absconded with a larger, cherry version of the same. And a vegan breakfast muffin, while promising myself I’d return the next day. Absolutely scrumptious, and when I raced back during Sunday lunch, Sticky Fingers was closed because they’d sold out!

Was it all a dream? Hell no. Ventura’s baked goods fans know the score. I also announce/warn Sticky Fingers that once a year, mystically coinciding with the Ventura Art Festival, a chalk zombie will be bursting in and snorting pastries.  Ha Haaaa!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~

Surfing and Strolling near Sticky Fingers Baking Company

Surfing: Just about anywhere on this dang coast looks like a surf spot.  I scoped out one spot I’ll call Sleazy Street for seeming like a cross between a family friendly playground and a debauched beach party that went on years too long. In the end I paddled out at Happy Chalkies, so named because literally all I had to do was cross the street from my site at the Arts Festival. Happy Chalkies can also be called Truancies, because to get a wave – on a Monday mind you – I’d basically have to get into a knife fight with children. “DOESN’T ANYBODY GO TO SCHOOL ANYMORE?!” Bemoaned an older ( my age) local paddling by. We shared frustrated nods and I took off on a closeout.

Strolling: So sue me I did nothing.  The walking I did was up and down Main Street looking for pie, and up and down the harbor. Highly recommend both, by the way.


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